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Title  The Viper's Hex  

Genre Horror  

Director Addison Heath, Jasmine Jakupi


Time 90 minutes 

Country  Japan


Kaori Kawabuchi, Nozomi de Lencquesaing, Yasunari Kondo, Kei Miura, Yoji Yamada 
Saya Minami, Sawa Masaki, Michael Gyapong, Dylan Heath, Kohei Shindo, Yûki Kuroda 


Year  2018   

Festivals and Awards   Monster Fest 2017



Kiyo, a cursed hostess falls pregnant to Anchin. After learning the news, he flees Tokyo leaving her heartbroken. Kiyo, now alone turns to someone who has been with her since birth - A vengeful spirit

known only as "The Viper"

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